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What Is Pinsinanutshell all about?

Have you ever wondered if a gorgeous pin will really work out? Well, that is what we wonder about many things on Pinterest. Can we “normal” people really make the same thing? Pinterest is full of wonderful creations. Some turn out fabulously. As for others – well, they don’t. We at Pins in a Nutshell make each Pin, give it an evaluation, and then rate the outcome with a “Nutshell Rating” between 1-5. In a quick nutshell, did this Pin work? This blog is not about Pinterest fails or mean, snarky remarks but a true and honest evaluation. Bloggers are wonderful, and we love what we learn from each of them. You can be sure we will include the link to the original post. We will always give credit where credit is due. Please join us on our awesome adventures through Pinterest!

Join us 4 ways

1- Subscribe today! share your email with us and you can get weekly updates about the pins we have tried out.

2- Join us on social media and share our failures and successes.

3-  Share your Pinterest success and failures with us, we will feature in a post. Please contact Kellie at pinsinanutshell@yahoo.com if you would like to share.

4- Let us know what you would like us to test out. I cannot guarantee how quickly we will get to testing it, but we will test it, and keep you updated. Again you can contact Kellie at pinsinantushell@yahoo.com

How we three met

The three of us met many years ago while Rhonda Jo and I (Kellie) met while serving a mission for the LDS (Mormon) Church in upstate NY. We were companions for 3 months and Alicia was one of the youth in our congregations youth group. We kept in touch through the years and when I decided to start a blog Alicia and her crafty-ness wanted to join in on all the fun. After a while I had noticed Rhonda Jo’s craft abilities and asked her to join us. Alicia lived in NY at the time the blog began and now lives in Texas. Rhonda Jo and Kellie live in Utah. Between all of us we have 9 children.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.My daughter dances, sings and both kids do scouts and go camping, bushwalking and they also do water activities like kayaking and sailing. That makes us sound very outdoorsy but my efforts usually stretch as far as walking the dogs at the beach or kayaking. I do intend to take on the tenting challenge. I’ve been a few times when I was younger an dit was fun xx Rowena

    • We do a lot of those same things too. And I know the feeling. Often we go do something fun and I end up taming the crowd and they end up playing. But I am glad we get out anyway.

  2. Awesome, I really love the conept of what you ladies are doing. Can’t wait to hear more

  3. Wow that is so nice that all three of you can be best friends and also have a blog. Very special indeed.

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