Faux Hair Hawk

Faux Hair Hawk My daughter came home from school gushing about “how cool & cute” her friend’s hair was!  She wanted her hair to be just like it.  She described it & I had seen similar styles of the Faux Hair Hawk, so of course I turned to Pinterest.  I found the style I liked, but it was just a picture, no link.  I then turned to YouTube and found a super easy tutorial for the Faux Hair Hawk, thanks…

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Nativity costumes! Super quick and easy!

This past Friday we had a Christmas Party at our church and all of my kids were in a nativity put on by the primary children. So, I was super busy because I am a major procrastinator and I had to make Christmas cookies, Bajio style sweet rice (which I will probably make a post about later), and throw together all of their costumes. I didn’t even start making their nativity costumes until Friday (yes the day of… I told…

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Waterfall Braid

I love trying out new hairstyles. I tried a waterfall braid found on makeit-loveit.com, it looked adorable. She referred to a video tutorial on sweetestbugbows.com  which really helped me figure out the technique and it looked simple. So, I decided to give it a try… I tried it on my self first and that worked out well. It stayed in throughout the day and looked nice. It was quick and easy and looked pretty good even on my hair that came straight out…

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