3 Powerful and Successful Spring Cleaning Tips

3 SPRING CLEANING SUCCESSES …WELL SORT OF Most people look forward to Spring Break for the vacation, I look forward to Spring Break because my kid are home to help with the Spring Cleaning!!!! My kids don’t really mind, in fact they love to wash walls and baseboards. They don’t even mind cleaning the fridge. The girls tend to fight over who gets to clean the windows – inside and out. Spring cleaning around here is serious business, I even…

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Cleaning Pans with Hydrogen Peroxide Update

Hydrogen Peroxide NOT for use with non-stick pans! So, if you remember a few months ago I tested out several methods for cleaning burned food off off pots and pans and posted about my results. I found the most successful method to be boiling hydrogen peroxide in the pots and pans. So, after my super-successful experience using hydrogen peroxide to burned residue off my stainless steel pots and pans I noticed my cookie sheets were looking pretty dirty (as you can…

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How to Clean your Gross Iron!!!

How to Clean your Iron!   My brother is staying with us for a little while and he has two presentation and some interviews coming up. So he bought himself some really nice dress clothes. Unfortunately one of the “no-iron necessary” shirts was really an “iron definitely necessary” shirt. So I grabbed my iron and realized it was pretty filthy and I definitely did not want to ruin his brand new (rather expensive) shirt. So I decided to try to…

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Removing Burned Food from Pots and Pans

Three methods for removing burned food from your pots and pans!!! This post is all about  removing  burned food from your pots and pans! I am sure none of you will ever need this information because you are such wonderful cooks  😉  but it really came in handy for me this week! I also made this video showing my test results! So, apparently I am a terrible cook and I burn pretty much everything that I touch. Twice this week…

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Easy, Simple Stain Remover

My FAVORITE  shirt!  I love this purple Nike Shirt. What is best about it is that I got it for $4 at the local second hand store.  I wear it at least once a week. Then one day it didn’t come clean. I didn’t even know it had as stain, so I ran it through the wash and dryer like normal, but when I pulled it out of the dryer to hang it up, there was a stain!!!!!!  What was…

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