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I love, love, love Birthday’s!  Balloons, cake, presents, parties…it’s all so magical!  I enjoy making the Birthday person feel extra special.  The night before my daughter’s Birthday, she tried to guess what I would be doing for her the next morning.  “Are you going to hang balloons from my door?  Are balloons going to cover my floor?  Will there be a balloon maze?  Will you make me Birthday waffles?  Is my door going to be a big present again?”  These are a few of the 10 HIGH FUN, LOW COST BIRTHDAY IDEAS that I have done in the past.  Her remembering all those things makes me happy! She remembers the feeling she had, not the things she gets.  

****Words of Wisdom from Ronda Jo****

I have come to learn, it’s not the presents, it’s how you made them feel that matters.    


Here are 10 HIGH FUN, LOW COST BIRTHDAY IDEAS for your next Birthday celebration!                                                                 



*Balloons.  I used 7, because that was how old she was turning.

* Crate paper

 *Packaging tape


 I started by running strips of crate paper from one side of her bedroom door, to the other.    

  fullsizerender-18  fullsizerender-19                                                                                                                                     

 Then I slid balloons into each strip.                                                                                      

 fullsizerender-22  fullsizerender-24                                                                                                     

I did a zig-zag pattern, with the crate paper, to ensure that the balloons would stay in place.


Birthday morning she opened her door & balloons came tumbling down.  All the credit for this 10 HIGH FUN, LOW COST BIRTHDAY IDEAS goes to Allison at The House of Hendrix. 




*Crate paper  

*Packaging tape                                                                                                                      


 I taped them to the wall, which she loved!  She would run up and down the hallway hitting the balloons.

3.  BEDROOM DOOR           


*Birthday wrapping paper  

*Crate paper        

*Packing tape                                                                                                                

img_6177  img_6179                                                                            

Decorating her door to look like a giant Birthday present was so much fun!  This was one of my favorite decorating ideas. My mom used to do this to my door when I was a kid.  Thanks for the idea mom!  I’m happy that I can pass this tradition down to my daughter.  


fullsizerender-27   fullsizerender-28                                                                                                                                     

This is one of my favorite 10 HIGH FUN, LOW COST BIRTHDAY IDEAS!  All you will need is dry erase markers.  She was so excited to see her special Birthday messages!  Credit again goes to Allison. 




*Packaging tape  


 *Birthday sign  

fullsizerender-25   img_5374   fullsizerender-26     

Go all out!  Kids LOVE balloons, and they are so inexpensive.  I can buy 4 packages of 12 for $5 at my local grocery store. They have all sorts of fun colors.  I hung a Happy Birthday sign along my entertainment center and taped balloons to the ceiling, walls and in the hallway.  


img_5392  img_5395           

So simple and fun!  She picks what she wants for her “Birthday Breakfast”.  This year she choose waffles with pink icing and sprinkles.  Don’t forget the Birthday candle in the middle!  This is her favorite 10 High Fun, Low Cost Birthday Ideas!  Allison @ The House of Hendrix did it again with this idea!



Either make their favorite meal, or let them choose a restaurant.  This is a fun family tradition!

8.  LET THEM EAT CAKE!      

I usually have an idea in my head, then I turn to Pinterest for the rest.  I’ll pick 2 or 3 cakes that I know I can make myself. Then I let her pick out her favorite from the pictures.  This is how I’ve done it for 4 years now.  I have had some “Pinterest Fails”, but that’s okay!  All I know is that she is happy and grateful for my efforts.        

My cakes over the years

 fullsizerender-29  fullsizerender-30                                                                                                   

This was my attempt at a Piñata cake for her 4th Birthday. It was so hot outside, that the frosting melted.  It was also super sweet.  I should have used a different type of frosting.    

You’ll have to check out Claire’s cake @  It’s amazing!              

 fullsizerender-31      img_6181                 

That’s one of the many wonderful things about Pinterest, the possibilities are endless!  Here are my 2 favorites, the Princess Cake, which was a picture that I followed, there was no website. The Water Party Kit Kat Cake credit goes to Jill @ Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.  She has so many incredible ideas!

This year


This year she said that she wanted a Hello Kitty cake.  I love making the pull apart cakes, you can get really creative!  My personal favorite is frosting,  not fondant.  I have seen amazing things done with fondant, that’s just my personal preference. There’s two credits for this one… The shape of the cake I found on Pinterest from Allison C. with Coolest Birthday Cakes.  Second, I loved the style that Tracey Griffiths used, but there was no link, just a picture.  



This is their silly faces!  I love idea of having a party where EVERYONE attending can participate.  We live in a small town, where there aren’t a lot of options for parties.  But, this doesn’t stop us from having a good time.  We love going to our local bowling alley. Everyone can bowl, even the adults…yay!!!

10.  TAKE PICTURES!        


I take lots of pictures.  How else are you going to remember all the fun you had?  Make sure to take one of just your immediate family with the Birthday girl or boy!  Then you can look back and treasure those years when they were small, because we all know how time flies and they grow up way too fast!!!

* On a personal note… I treasure my daughter’s Birthday’s.  After struggling with infertility for 7 1/2 years, we FINALLY were blessed, by the Grace of God, with our precious girlie!  You better believe that I’m going to CELEBRATE her!!! * 

Let me know, in the comments, what some of your 10 High Fun, Low Cost Birthday Ideas are! 

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