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Marshmallow Bridge for STEM Learning

One of our favorite things to do each summer is go on our neighborhood camp out. The organizers also bring easy activities or games for the kids to play. This year they brought marshmallows and tooth picks and let the kids roll. The results were fabulous! We also did this activity for daughter #2’s birthday party a few months ago (I will call her Little Engineer). We go the idea originally…

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Faux Hair Hawk

Tweet Please follow and like us:http://www.pinsinanutshell.com/style/hair-styles/faux-hair-hawk/Follow Faux Hair Hawk My daughter came home from school gushing about “how cool & cute” her friend’s hair was!  She wanted her hair to be just like it.  She described it & I had seen similar styles of the Faux Hair Hawk, so of course I turned to Pinterest.  I found the style I liked, but it was just a picture, no link.  I then turned to YouTube and found a super easy tutorial…

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